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Dota AllStars Endless Story

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How to be a PRO Dota Player

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Pudge Blind Hook

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Honestly this hero needs to be batted with the nerfstick for sure. His base str is so high he has more hp then levi. His first skill with radi is ridiculous plus the fact that is slows so much (cuz of the ministun interval). The second skill doesn’t only deal dmg it knocksback it immobilizes and you cannot leap out of it. The third is a little zeus ulti for 50 mana if u can aim >_>. And ofc the hook. . . Incredibly fast moving just click a tiny bit infront of the hero and it hits. . Imba shit!!!

Hello Dota Players !

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Welcome to

The objective of DotA Allstars is to destroy the opposing teams Ancient. If you’re the Sentinel, your objective is to destroy the Frozen Throne. If you’re the Scourge, you need to destroy the World Tree.

When the game starts, the host (red player) first chooses the game mode (more info below). Now, you have either choosen a hero, or been given one by random. Then it’s time to buy items, and select which one of the three lanes you want to go; Upper left, bottom right, or in the middle. At each camps side, Sentinel and Scourge, theres a barrack at the beginning of the lane, sending creeps down the lane towards the opponents base. You earn extra gold and experience when killing the opposing teams creeps.

Theres 6 towers placed at each lane, 3 to each side, Sentinel and Scourge. These towers are really powerful in the beginning, but later in the game, it’s up to the heroes of each team to destroy them, and push with the forces down the lanes. By killing enemy heroes, you gain extra gold, and experience, to help you further push down the lanes. With your gold, you can improve your hero with many different items, where theres a wide range between the power and prices.